This project follows the 'CIM The Pitch presentation' after my team and I have been shortlisted among the Top 10 for the nationwide competition 'The Pitch' organized by CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing). The challenge consists of creating an integrated marketing campaign to educate and inform Lidl's consumers about Lidl's 20% plastic reduction in its own packaging by 2022. This presentation supports an oral presentation of 10 minutes delivered to a high-end jury composed of: - Lidl's GB Marketing director (Claire Farrant) - CSR manager at Lidl (Mark Newbold) - EMEA Commercial developer at Mintel (Karen Dowse) - Global marketing development and strategy director at Microsoft (Scott Allen) - CMO at Office Freedom (Kevin Tewis-Allen) - Head of brand and marketing communications at CIM (James Farmer). This presentation has been updated according to the judges' feedback after the first submission. A judges' summary will summarize the campaign at the end of the presentation for a deeper understanding, as the presentation is essentially visual and interactive.

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