This project has been completed while on a recruitment process for a business developer internship with the company Clear Fashion. Clear Fashion is an application that collects data from brands to assess their sustainable practices in France. Each brand is graded out of 100 on 4 themes: environment, health, humans and animals, and the user can scan each brand's tags to get a grade for a piece of clothing as well. During the recruitment process, I was asked to work on a case study in which I had to create communications to reach new brands and make them participate. I aimed at optimizing the business development process hence the work below comprises a brochure to encourage new brands to participate. Another visual I have created as part of the case study is a template that the application's users could share on social media to encourage the brands to participate. Clear Fashion's marketing budget is limited therefore their communications rely on a participative marketing involving the users that are very committed. For these two visuals I have taken the example of Dior which is the most demanded brand to participate by the users.

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