The inspiration comes from the work Muted Situation #22: Muted Symphony No.5 in e Minor Op.64 shown in the 12th Shanghai Biennale created by Jiahui Yang. In this work, artists change or suppress different sound layers and sound sources to change the recording of some sound situations, which is intended to inform the audience that muting is not the same as silence and it makes our auditory sense and imagination consciously refocus together. From this, I think that the five senses of human beings exist interdependently and independently. Therefore, I want to try a group of works that magnify one of the five senses instead of vision. Finally, it is selected as the tactile sense that is easy to be ignored but used almost all the time. In the creation of this set of works, we use different materials on purpose and printed them on various materials with diverse properties to highlight the different tactile feelings brought by different materials to the greatest extent.

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