This is a comprehensive collection of works, including video, interviews and graphic projects, which is inspired by the interviewee himself of this set of works-Hudson, who can also be called the epitome of some young people in China in this era. They began to pursue some beautiful things without scruple they liked, which actually weren’t recognized by everyone before five years ago, such as tatoo, ear piercing, exaggerating costume, and unusual hair color, etc. They usually enter into the society earlier and they are more aware of the cruelty of the society and the difficulty of life, and they integrate into the society more quickly, even though they are still new college students. In this interview, we talked about the subculture of Hudson, for example her work, her attitude to life, and her work experience. The graphics and videos focus on showing her dual properties: on the one hand, she insists on herself and is regarded as a “cool girl” by people. On the other hand, she still has to fight against her youth troubles and even is suffered from depression as a result.

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