This project, achieved during my second year at London College of Fashion, aimed at assessing a brand's current social and digital activities, its environment and the current business and economic trends, customer audits to then suggest an artefact applicable to the brand. I chose Sézane as it managed extremely well its online communications to the extent that most of its sales are online. Having nothing to demonstrate, choosing this brand challenged me to find suitable ideas to apply to the brand's activities. To drive in-store visits, boost online sales and continue its expansion, I created the virtual and augmented dressing room which enables customers to create their avatar in store which would then be available on their account. On the app, augmented reality would enable the users to try on the garment they have seen straight away. My artefact aims at increasing convenience and save customers' time while helping them in their decision making. You will find below respectively the research and rationale part of the report then the portfolio which comprises the visual eplanations of the artefact.

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