Unit 8, Part 2 In this unit, I have paired up with fellow BA Drawing student, Laura Vidal. We are exploring collaboration. This is a particularly interesting project as we are doing this in the time of lockdown due to the Corona Virus. 04/2020 - 06/2020. This now international collaboration in the world of lockdown explores how we as traditional artists can adapt to collaborate with one another. Please note that in this file there will be only my work and works of mine that are in collaboration with Vidal's. These pieces will have an indication of which is which.

The little mermaid - Stanza Two

The little mermaid - Stanza One

Byzantium - Portrait

Byzantium - Stanza One

Byzantium - Stanza Two

Byzantium - Stanza Three

Byzantium - Stanza Four

Byzantium - Stanza Five

Byzantium - Complete

Byzanthium - Collaboration 3 with Laura Vidal

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