#Stand4Sudan explores how political conversations can be conveyed through clothing in the context of the recent Sudanese revolution that ended a dictatorship that spans over 30 years by former President Omar Al Bashir. We witnessed the brutal dispersion of the peaceful sit-in outside the military headquarters in Khartoum by the Transitional Military Council and Hemedti’s rapid support forces. This came after months of peaceful protest from 19 December 2018, until late 2019. Where for the first time, thousands of women participated in recent demonstrations which society would of shun them from doing in the past. This project showcases the invisible histories woven into the patterns and materials of tobes designed in the past and poetically transforms the journey of the recent Sudanese revolution that led to a powerful moment made by a nonwestern woman named Alaa Saleh. Website: https://www.stand4sudan.com Blog: http://workbymaielamin.online Portfolio: https://maielamin.com

Art gallery mockup

#Stand4Sudan: www.Stand4Sudan.com

#Stand4Sudan: Invisible histories woven

The Sudanese women’s national dress had emerged in the 1800s, it was called the tobe. The national dress symbolised womanhood, socioeconomic status and served as a platform for women to express their political views when silenced. The video that transitions between tobes made over a revolutionary period. Beginning with the Abu Gigaija because since the 1950s, this style of the white tobe symbolised a working woman and granted entry for women to enter into public spaces. Transitioning to the independence which displays the old Sudanese flag which was popularised by First Sudanese woman to sing for independence in 1956 Hawa Jah AlRasool, ( ) onto the style Khartoum at night expressed the excitement women had to explore the capital city at night.

Exhibit brochure mockup

I have designed it with the identifiable blue that is like when people on social media turned their profile pictures blue to stand in solidarity with Sudan and raise awareness of the uprising. The brochure would explain about the exhibit, have the poem from the website written side by side in both English and Arabic for someone to read the poem at their own pace and display a close up of the procedural materials in the order in which they were designed.

V&A exhibition proposal mockup

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