A project focusing on building the bridge between art and fashion, Inspired by sculpture, and multiple other art disciplines. With this being a very process-led project, I discover forms in my surroundings, draw and recreate them with clay, influencing the way I create prints. I look at how textiles and fashion can be challenged through new tactile perspectives, using the fabrics of silk and mesh in a way that is intended to be used on wearable sculptures, adding textures of flock and puff for structure. What would happen when you placed a sculpture on the body? How would the sculpture change with movement of the body?

Fashion Film "OUR GAZE" presented by KEANE & TASKIS

Captured in this fashion film "OUR GAZE" presented by Lisa Keane & Abbie Taskis is nothing less than a true textile dream. Textile duo Abbie Taskis and Lisa Keane release ‘Our Gaze’, a hand-crafted collection of textiles, with visual impact and tactility that demands to be touched. The collection explores sculpture from a duo perspective. As textile artist’s we manipulate new forms to the body, in harmony and contrast. Due to Covid´19 Keane & Taskis were unable to execute their initial collection they had planned to. With facilities and studios closed down they produced this social distanced fashion film during lockdown.Art Direction: Lisa Keane & Abbie TaskisStyling: Matilda SadeghiModel: Honor FreemanCeramics: Abbie TaskisModel wearing: Lisa KeaneTextiles: Lisa Keane & Abbie TaskisEdit: Lisa Keane

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