My idea came from the story of the k-19 nuclear submarine and my personal association with the k-19 experience. It is about the judgment and speculating about the truth of the event in the concept of post-mass media, and the spontaneous creation of paintings created by combining science fiction elements and virtual space. Based on sci-fi elements, combined with real events and personal associations, the work shows the k-19 submarine's emergency ascension. After rushing into the beach in the ice sea, the crew climbed out of the submarine and moved out of the mind controller to strengthen the brain nerves. Essentially eliminate the nature of the k-19 event. The overall ice surface, the broken ice formed by the submarine's emergency ascension, the waves swayed by the ice waves in the distance, and the capricious background atmosphere all set off the strangeness and subtlety of the event itself, reflecting the artificial Under control, it becomes detached from the ambiguity of essence and authenticity.   For post-mass media, in society, people examine the official media and torture the credibility. The authenticity of the situation may not be extremely scary, whatever is absolutely scary is that it becomes scary below the administration of human factors. However, since the media or post-publishers of the mass media have tended to assign tendencies to objective things based on personal emotions, panic and affect social stability. People's doubts about the official media and the excessive personal subjective orientation of the personal media make it harder for us to view at the core of the incident itself.

Mind the Gap

Artist: Edward.Hongyi.JIA Date: 2020 Medium: Oil paint and hand-made pigments on canvas Size: 160cm*220cm*2.9cm

Part of Mind the Gap

Part of Mind the Gap

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