In this artwork, my idea was from virus incident. I would like to use sci-fi elements as a medium to create a hypothetical space reflect current Social phenomenon. When I was sketching at the Greenwich Observatory, I browsed a piece of news which showed an unexplained patient with a lung infection. I thought of SARS. so I used dialectical thinking on the logic of disease prevention and control in aquaculture, and used the virtual space of science fiction to express. In creating this painting, I imagined a doomsday environment to reflect the severity of the epidemic. The eddy currents created by distant planes breaking through the troposphere, plants dancing with the wind, and pretending to be calm figures all reflect the unease and restlessness in the biochemical crisis. I reflect is that the development of technology has not brought us a better future, but the desire of human nature wants to bring a beautiful ending through technology. In order to get more nutrition, people illegally hunt wild animals. Like the fountain in the same picture, what is ejected may be what people want, but perhaps the other side of it may be something we cannot control.  Restlessness and restlessness, the tranquillity before the crisis, the tranquillity may not be what we want, but it is just an illusion, the tranquillity before the storm

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