From my long-term art project seeker, this photographic work - Am I here? Are you there: presents the natural scenery of a mysterious area, as well as my interpretation and exploration of reality. The game breakthrough through these photographic works- By reduces the accuracy of the picture, similar to ordinary documentary landscape images they become, blurs the boundary between the game and reality; The disappearance of colour information presents the meaning of the object itself in the picture. In fantasy reality, the only hint is in the garbled text at the bottom, which raises two questions about existence and reality. Human beings seem to be on the way to becoming the omnipotence God, but still cannot guarantee the identity of what they are perceiving. Am I really seeing the reality? Am I really truly living? Am I only living in the range shown? The more truth I touch, the more my world will collapse and die. Am I really here? I can't tell. I can't tell.

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