The brief was to negotiate a project with real world professional application in a subject area of personal interest. Due to my interest in identity design, I chose the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, a City Centre based institution with broad permanent collection and seasonal exhibitions ranging from fine art to those with more educational focus. The Institution sits within a crowded arts and culture market, with most other institutions in the City having recently updated their visual identities. As a result, I set out to create a flexible and dynamic visual identity, that can communicate with all parts of the Institution's very broad target audience through: an underlying visual language; a liquid logotype; a framework for promotional applications; and proposals for dramatic internal and external environmental applications. The final project was submitted in the form of a c.30 page implementation guide, and a c.10 page E-pub to showcase moving image elements and digital applications. The project gave me a real appreciation of the multi level and multimedia approach required for identity design, from optically adjusting the logotype at different scales, to how to immediately engage visitors as they step into the building.

Flexible logo and visual language

Entrance lobby visual

Installation of new reception desk incorporating digital screens and an arch shaped screen behind, reinforcing the identity's visual language

Billboard application

Playful use of visual language to convey time and movement to match tagline

'Double take' liquid logotype

Customisable Logotype

Dynamic Visual Language

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