In this series of paintings, I want to examine the ideas of cultural memory in relations of culture and desires in the digital age by aware of the changes in surroundings. In my research paper, I describe a blurred image with black fragments accidentally appear on my laptop screen, which seemed to me to represent memory. My research interests included painting, photographic image and culture memory. The final painting series marries elements of history western landscape photography for the nineteenth century and Chinese landscape photography for the nineteenth century. I am looking not only at my achievements, but also at the broader implications of my experiences, as indicators of cultural shift in England, in terms of attitudes to, and relationships with China, its people and culture.

Gulangen Hospital and Amoy

Chinese Ink and Pigment on Panel15cm (Width) X 25cm (Length) 22/02/2020

Amoy Series no. 2

Oil on Panel 24cm (Width) X 34cm (Length)25/02/2020

From Chao-a-wok Bay to Dragon Boat Joss House (East part of Amoy)

Ink and Pigment on Paper70cm (Width) X 90cm (Length)20/05/2020

From German Consul’s House to Amoy

Oil on two canvas 120cm (Width) X 150cm (Length) 12/03/2020


Limited Edition Print

Gulangen Hospital and Amoy

Oil on Panel40cm (Width) X 80cm (Length) 25/02/2020

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