This page showcases two poster projects. One focused on type hierarchy; how to configure information for a symposium event and determine which elements to prioritise, and the second on Information Design; visualising a climate change statistic. For the symposium, the brief was to produce an A2 portrait poster and A5 landscape invitation using the generic copy provided. Due to the high profile of the three speakers, I made a decision at an early stage to focus on the ‘who’ element of the event, over ‘what’, ‘where’, and ‘when’. The concept allows the structure to be repeated for each year's event with some degree of variety in the treatment of the headline speaker names, with the smaller scale informative type elements sliding up and down the flank, to suit. For the Information Design project outcome, the assignment brief was to visualise a climate change statistic as an A2 landscape poster, using a map, timeline, or typology. A reductive world map of symbols was produced in Adobe Illustrator as the centrepiece to highlight the climate impact of meat production. This is supported by a series of smaller charts.

Final printed type hierarchy symposium poster and invite

Posters in context

Poster framework development

Final printed information design poster

Development of reductive world map

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