A way of growing moss and other plants through the natural archaic technique of hydroponics. This vessel is designed to create an environment that allows moss and other plants to grow like houseplants. Taking design influence from nature as well as brutalist architecture, it plays on a utopianist visualisation of what future architecture might look like, whilst solving plant growth failure issues caused by under-watering and overwatering. A new way of growing aims to tackle problems faced in urban areas like; air and sound pollution; as well as helping to increase natural biodiversity by providing new surfaces and spaces to grow a variety of plants.

hydroponic moss grower with glaze experiment plate

A prototype for a new way of growing moss within the home alongside a plate made whilst experimenting with glaze chemistry


Moss grower with humidifiers designed to complement each other aesthetically however their mechanisms work in different ways

Moss Grower

A prototype for a new way of growing moss within the home

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