Contemporary space design should be enlightened by the life style and technology development at present. As well as encouraging people’s curiosity in exploring space spontaneously. In this emerging business design project, the main method of both business and space is rising people’s concern of the usage of plastic materials.

Fast Art .Co brochure cover

Shows the concept idea of the business that every product is made from plastic waste.

Working process

The upper part shows the ideal working process in the business. The lower part shows different types of spatial tests.

Roof top pavilion

Besides space with the building, the pavilion is another spatial test for visitors experiencing the initial idea of the business in outdoor space.

Isometric drawing of indoor space

Front view facing the site building

Table form sketches

Collage of the table

Interior front view

From View from the main entrance of the site building, directly towards the lift at the backside.

Interior view facing creating area and the table

Mainly focused on how fabric partition as transition element between space and other working elements such as vending machine, containers, the table etc.

Interior view facing information desk

Mainly focuses on the fabric partition above the vending machine and how it reduces the height from the ceiling so that visitors can be attracted by art works display inside the vending machine.

People buying art works from vending machine

People selecting plastic material balls from the containers

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