#GoBackHome2020 my new work, has become a part of this discursive approach. The title is confrontational in nature. Though the words are in themselves harmless, when put together and targeted at a migrant, they become a slur of the migrant’s very existence. In this work, the multiple mirroring of the same image reflects the isolation and trauma. The shoes in the work are a motif of movement and suffering. In India, tens of thousands of migrant workers have walked over 2000 kilometers in the boiling heat during the COVID-19 lockdown; many of them without shoes as they have neither the money nor the resources to buy them. Shoes are also a subtle and perhaps sad representation of walking away from something towards something else - much like this artwork.


Five-channel video installation, silent, 2'17", Continous Loop


Single-Channel video installation, audio, 4'28", Continous loop

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