“The Falling Stone”, this name is from the Greek mythology, Sisyphus. In the story, Sisyphus pushes stones up to the hill again and again, like we repeat our daily routine endlessly. We unconditionally accept the identity given by the society. One day, when we found ourselves identity doesn’t match the social identity. The balance of peaceful life has been ruined. While this stone falls down, are we still able to hold it?


Background Research

Character Design - Xinyuan Song

Character Design - Sarah

Script Breakdown

Location Research

I chose this Chinese restaurant for the location survey. In the late 1990s, most of Chinese immigration is from Hong Kong. They bring their food culture to the UK, and the Chinese takeaway is popular in London. The place I chose is the oldest restaurant in London which is still opening. At the meantime, I researched a lot of old fashion restaurant in Hong Kong and observed the restaurant in the films. Like the images in the moodboard, these restaurants always crowded. Because the menu is different every day, they write the dish name on the paper or mirror, so that they can change them easily.

Concept Art for Set Dressing

This is the concept for the set dressing. In the story, Xinyuan feels upset in this scene, so I chose this gloomy green as a filter. At the same time, I add some Chinese elements in this set, such as the head of the Lion Dance, and the Shrine of "Guan Gong".

White Card Model - Lobby

White Card Model - Sarah's Home

White Card Model - Xinyuan's Home

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