The concept of my Personal Performance Project was based on the narrative of ‘Frankenstein’, but brought up-to-date with influences from social media and mental health. I focused on the effects on our mental health from portraying an idealistic lifestyle on Instagram, and researched drug addiction to relate how powerful and destructive addiction to social media can be on our minds. I designed two characters: Dr Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Monster. I made Dr Frankenstein the “perfect” woman, based on research I undertook of social media statistics. In my concept, Dr Frankenstein would portray the ideal lifestyle and beauty standards, but in turn creating a “monster” of her mental health - Frankenstein’s Monster. My monster character was designed by researching people’s ideas of typical monsters, but also reflecting on mental health in a physical form. I also used the effects of drug addiction to inform both these designs and my performance context. Makeup, prosthetics and wig by Chase Hayden. Unfinished due to Covid-19.

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