Our idea is to design a gin bar that is experience- centric. We have broken away from the traditional packaging store and combined bar, retail and experiential shopping. We call it the Gin Gallery. Customers can define their gin based on their needs and preferences. Through gin Station customers can be involved in the process, rather than buying packaged retail gin. Similarly, they can rest and socialize in space, just like the traditional gin bar.

The space is a gin bar which could hold 60 people, When the rotating glass installation is opened, the interior is fully connected to the outer space, increasing its usable area to 24 percent and the maximum capacity can be as high as 90 persons. We would like to blur the line between the interior and the exterior, so that the customer not focus on the space itself, but concentrate on tasting gin. When the weather is bad, the rotating glass installation can be turned off, making the inside as a closed space. But the customer may not notice the spatial change, because the space is always "open" visually.

The light at the top of the seat area allows the experience of tasted gin like visited a gallery, where light is refracted to the ground through the liquid in the glass container, creating a dramatic ripple effect, complemented by gin in the glass. Finally, we try to establish an unified experience from the customer's five senses, tasting􏰀vision, smell, hearing and touch. Whether in the dark of the day, whether furniture or installation art, we're designing more than just space, we're creating a living method and a life brands 􏰁

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