'Quickflip’ was made by myself and Finn Fleming where the objective is changing the board’s colours by flipping over counters with each player movement. This board game is now accessible on the PlayStore, as well a free mobile app, developed using Unity 2018. ‘Quickflip’ was featured on the front cover of the UAL Prospectus 2021/22, alongside 106 other selected student pieces. Out of all the covers, ours was the only one representing Games Design, as well as being part of a handful of covers representing the London College of Communication campus at UAL. https://nicholahumphreys.wordpress.com/2019/12/05/quickflip/

Inside of the prototyped box

Close of physical tokens and board

Quickflip on the front cover of the UAL Prospectus 2020/21

Quickflip credits of the back of the UAL Prospectus 2020/21

Screenshot of tutorial in Quickflip app

Screenshot of gameplay in Quickflip app

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