I can't explain my taste, my place without my collection of things. I found happiness completely when I piled them up. If you look at my collections, you might ask what’s the criteria, because they are so various and individual in materials, colours, shapes, and scents. I would say that it shows me best enough to answer that it's my personality. I am a person who buys a flower, put it in a vase that matches its scent and appearance. For myself as well. When I wear clothes, I choose the perfume that matches the look and become the person who fits the mood to enjoy the day, I think the invisible scent, mood, and emotion conjure up memories of the day. For that reason what I spend is emotionally durable, worth cherishing. It doesn't end up with simple consumption and they make a special day-to-day experience. As I am very interested in various items, I have deliberated over collecting more precious and valuable things. These days, a lot of products are coming out, but I want to talk about the importance of people to think about consuming continuously and think about whether they can make the future on the Earth happy. I tested a lot of new materials to develop sustainable techniques in this collection such as zero waste pattern with laser cutting on washable paper which can be any size, bio plastics with gelatine and Jesmonite. I want to make Emotionally Lasting designs make people happy, joyous and know their choice is making the earth happy by making it sustainable. Inspired by ‘My Various collection,’ I imagined 6 muses. Assuming that each vase was a character, I imagined their collection and matched the scent her. So images and elements were developed and designed for each one.



Mood board




Look3 Development


Look6 Development






Look3, 4




Look book Image

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