Callisto - Costume short Film

Callisto - Fashion filmCallisto is a short fashion film by costume designer and filmmaker Ilaria Mosca. The film narrates the Greek myth of Callisto, a nymph and follower of Artemis. Callisto unwittingly attracts the affections of Zeus, who transforms himself into the figure of Artemis and seduces her in this guise. Callisto falls pregnant and is banished upon discovery by Artemis and her fellow nymphs. Callisto has the child but Juno, wife of Zeus, furious at his betrayal transforms her into a bear to roam the lands alone. Years later and still in bear form, Callisto meets her son Arcas while he is out hunting. Narrowly avoiding tragedy, Zeus sets the pair among the stars as Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.Credits:Producer, Director & Costume Designer - Ilaria MoscaCinematographer & Editor - Tim JollyAssistant Director - Maggie DrahovskaHair & Make Up - Abi Harcourt Smith & Manuela CultreraCallisto - Mona Al-Habib NmeirZeus - Domenico SnNymphs - Phoenix Wu & Wang KangMusic - Keosz / Free Music ArchiveStock Footage - Videvo & HubbleSiteSound Effects - Adobe, Premium Beat, 99 Sounds, FreeSound & SFX Source

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