The project demonstrated the impact of technology on women through a large number of interviews, theoretical research and fashion media. In modern life, technology has penetrated into all aspects of our life, and we can feel the convenience it brings to our lives. However, technology also materialises the essence of women, this exacerbates the generation gap in gender equality. In the technology industry dominated by men, more feminists must understand the real meaning behind the technology.


Space exploration not only provides a mirror for human being, but also brings us new technologies, new challenges and enterprising spirits, as well as an optimistic and confident attitude towards reality.


The development of science and technology gave birth modern capitalist society (Daniel and Steven, 2001, pp. 451-492). In the gendered social order before the emergence of classes, gender determined the division of labour. However, with the development of capitalism, division of labour became a hierarchical system. Clearly, the development of science and technology has made men and women more unequal and exacerbated their differences. Whether the advent of technology has had a positive or negative impact on women, is, in a sense, a rebirth.


On the one hand, it is the tolerant stereotype given by traditional culture; on the other hand, it is the cyber women in the post-modern society. How can women have their own voice in this era.


With the development of biotechnology, the transmission, integration, conduction and combination of DNA coding, the secrets of the human brain are gradually opened. The mechanics of the human brain are connected to the mechanics of technology, the encoding of a chip computer. This is also the relationship between biology and machine in cyber feminism, the creation of social reality or fictional creation, and how women re- code themselves in the new era is a question that needs to be considered.


All of us exist in a real and virtual world, which may cause us to ask what is real and natural, what is mechanical and network. The development of science and technology and the explosion of network knowledge and information confuse us as to the nature of the world. Sometimes we cannot even find our own position. But, as women, we still have the right to fight for our rights.

The book

In Steven Hawking's brief history of time, about the origin and fate of the universe, thinking about time and space, cognition of the past and future, and human beings' imagination and exploration beyond themselves. These ancient propositions hide the human desire to manipulate and control nature, which is related to the cultural control of nature (females) in ecofeminism. The binary opposition of male/female, culture/nature is not the fundamental solution to feminism.

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