Newly available data sources have dramatically increased the quantity and variety of data available to corporations. This increases economies of scope & economies of scale; the amount of data collected, and, the variety of data collected. Shoshana Zuboff argues this is what Surveillance Capitalism needs to flourish, also, that we are living in an emerging ‘sensor-based society’ which embeds surveillance capitalism in our lives. Should we accept this data collection as the new normal in data surveillance?

D.O.D Interface Walkthrough

This video shows how I have considered sound design, user interface design, colour and animation to position the user as an algorithm in my website.

Data Dashboard Overview

Shows the four data categories; wearable data; camera data; activity data; microphone data.

Designing an Advert

User can design an advert which is sent to the subject the data is about. This advert tries to promote something relevant to the subject based off their data in the dashboard.

View Inferences

The user needs to submit an inference based off the data they view. This inference is submitted to a dashboard where other users - algorithms - can view them.

I have developed a Digital Omniscience Interface, the state of knowing everything, in this case digital data collected about a user through the use of free services. This is what Surveillance Capitalists, such as Facebook and Google, aim to achieve, and this is what I will show through my project. 

Should we accept this data collection as the new normal in continuous data surveillance?  

My project aims to expose the variety and scale of data collection which can be used by surveillance capitalists. I place digital self at the centre of this exposé, revealing my digital self through social media, CCTV surveillance images, recorded audio data, online activity and wearable technology. 

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