Meeting the needs of certain groups is the overall purpose of this exhibition. To provide a structure for guidance, that helps the visitor to understand the blind and experience the work relying on the sense of touch. A series of experience invites visitors to experience through the sense of touch, relate to the body in a new way: words, age and the unknown in a series of mystery boxes. To navigate these exhibits they are invited to explore them with their hands and fingers.

Immersive touch exhibition

Material box (with two material balls inside)

We use our sense of touch to gather information about our surroundings. When we based on our sense of touch, we will normally begin with a detail and then advance to the whole.

Aging box

Has anyone ever wondered what it’s like to live as a physically or spiritually disabled person? Touch is something we do not tend to think about until that ability has gone. Sometimes we usually tend to forget how important our sense of touch actually is.

Mystery box

The mystery box contains some natural and daily material we may meet everyday, can you even figure out what really inside with your hands?

words box

With simulating the feeling of touching without looking, how can thinking about dis/ability help people think more about ‘fitting’ and ‘not fitting’ into different situations, rather than relying on historically stereotyped divisions

words box

word boxes is for all people to guessing the meaning of the words inside without looking at it first. Simulating the environment and feeling of blind people touching braille.

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