Still Remember (2020) is a drawing-based artwork. This work explores notions of time and memory; a tribute of the past, noise and silence, visible and invisible. A desk is covered with a white tablecloth. The cloth itself is embroidered with black thread. The transparent plates and wine glasses are placed upside down on it. If you look at it carefully, you will find a white image printed on the tablecloth behind the black thread. I used photographs of stains on a desk at an art school in London. Stains on art studio’s desks are something special to me. When I look at them, I could feel the complexity and history of this specific shared space. Initially, my work was simply an attempt to change the value and quality of ‘overlooked’ things. The meaning of the work changed when my art school closed suddenly because of the Coronavirus outbreak. The colourful stains became a symbol of a beautifully lost memory, with the tablecloth becoming a symbol of anxiety; a restriction of information or invisibility of the opponent. I decided not to use colours for this work to reflect and echo the current emotion within this unusual situation. It took just two weeks to embroider the black mark. Throughout these two weeks, my brain didn’t function very well - I couldn't adapt to the situation quickly. What I could do was just move like a sewing machine, albeit the output losing accuracy because of my physicality. Through this process I realised that, when people draw lines, they don't have to be creative.

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