a brand that I co-founded in May 2020 with my sister, We strive for a better fashion industry with the pillars of diversity, transparency, sustainability, individuality, and equality at our core,

Look Book

An embroidered pinstriped suit from our first collection look book. Overall the collection had 23 looks based on the concept of identity and disguise, drawing inspiration from the costumes and stereotypes if women in horror films.

look book

One image from our first collection look book, featuring a masked model in a deconstructed whit shirt and tie.

look book

an image from our look book featuring a model in a creepy mask and messy shirt

look book

an image from our look book featuring a model leaning wearily in a doorway, wearing a red chained up skirt with a high slit, and a black shirt with a cut out to reveal a bright red latex chest.

look book

another image from our look book, This white gown features a skirt made of repurposed fabrics and a stiff resin coated top that makes the model appear as if she's underwater

Much better than uploading isolated images from out instrgam, website or lookbook you can see the rest of our work online at https://monozygotics.com where we break down our transparent pricing and working system, our sustainable custom order process and the inspiration and charity work that goes into each collection. You can also see more of this on our instagram at @monozygotic_ where we try to spark debate, challenge people to take action or their beliefs and share inspiring, honest work. 

More Monozygotic

a brief note about where to find more info/see more of our work (our website and instagram)

A Boys Best Friend - runway

a short film I made showing the runway of our first collection looks.

a boys best friend BTS

a short bus film I made showing the making of the garments for our first collection and the stress that we went through for this.

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