Lockdown sent me back home to Cumbria, and the collection became a homage to my family and the place that I grew up. Sustainability is integral to my ethos and I used only materials and yarns that are kind to the planet along with using and reducing waste. The inspiration behind my collection is very personal. I am profoundly deaf, raised in a hearing family, with hearing friends and went to a hearing school. The project was born out of the reflection of my experiences as a deaf person in a hearing world. I wanted to explore the relationship with the side of myself so deeply ingrained in hearing culture and the side of myself that was slowly being revealed as I became more and more exposed to Deaf culture. I started to meet people with similar experiences, started learning to sign and slowly I found a place to belong that felt so familiar and yet so different from anything that I've experienced before. I went back home for lockdown and managed to circle back to the seedling ideas of home and family in my final images and film. A happy accident.

Zanna Jane, Graduate Collection: Growing Up

Video showing two figures standing in a sunny field, surrounded by rolling hills. The figures are performing by moving their heads along with the spoken word..


Two brothers hug wearing Zanna Jane garments in a sunny field with blue skies above them.

Collage page of initial research

Mixed media collage including research images and drawings of sculptures, combined with images of people hugging..


A male model is wearing sculptural cardboard drapes at various angles.

Final Image

Two brothers playing on farm equipment wearing Zanna Jane knitwear.

Collage Page Initial Research

Research images including figures trapped in a stretchy sheet, stills from performance practise, a crochet sample and stand work.


Front, back and side view of blonde model wearing sculptural neoprene as part of final collection toiles.

Final Image

Two images layered. The larger image is at the bottom and shows a boy wearing a knitted top shileding his face from the sun with his arm, the second image is a boy wearing a crochet mask that covers his ears.

Stand Drapes

Randomly placed stand drapes, in various shapes in blue and green, places over the top of an image of a field

Final Image

Two brothers standing in a field facing away from the sun.

Line up

12 Drawing showing front and back images of 6 looks. Featuring sportswear silhouettes and knitted textures.

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