This project is aimed at consumers, I want to make them more aware of the people who make the majority of the the clothes we wear, especially in the fast fashion industry who make clothes for some of the most well known brands.

Shopping Tags

In an ideal setting, the tags would be an addition to the price tags we are normally see and it would also have the 'MADE BY' tag. This is a type of speculative design we know brands will not be willing to put on these tags who made these clothes apart from the country the clothes have been made in.

Shopping Tags

Consumers can get stickers and stick them on the brands advertisements around where they are, so it's more of a global movement in order to educate people the types of slavery people are in, how many hours they put in, how old they are and how much they get paid. The tags and stickers have a QR code where they will be directed to the website or can type in the website name when they get home to learn more about it.

Made By Editorial Website

A look into what the website would look like when someone looks at the website for more information

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