I opened my fake solo exhibition at Tate Modern London. I printed out exhibition pamphlets, which are the same font and design style as Tate’s official ones, but the contents are entirely bull-shiting. The works showed in the booklet include scratches on the wall, coffee stain on the floor, metal covers, benches, etc. I declared them to be my own works, which are permanently collected by Tate. Each sentence of the exhibition description is fake information: fabricated randomly in an official tone. If people read it carefully, no doubt they would figure out this is a joke. I put on the 25 pounds Tate souvenir T-shirt bought from Tate shop, acting as a staff, and started giving these fake leaflets to visitors. During the action process, a few of the real staff members even greeted me with a smile on their faces, utterly unaware that I was not one of them. Many visitors went to the ticket counter with the pamphlet, asking for further exhibition information.

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