FMP editorial project. Ne Plus Ultra is a magazine tailored in every aspect towards older women. The idea came from the YCN Peabody project in second year where I spent a lot of time with the Golden Girls, a group of older women from a daycare centre in East London. Realising that there wasn't a magazine available to these ladies where the design was considered inspired me to make one. The aim is to empower older women and represent them.

Ne Plus Ultra mock up

Ne Plus Ultra front cover

The front cover to the magazine. The front cover features illustrations of everyone who features in the magazine, and the back cover has all contributor names.

Dinners Ready! Feature

Double page title spread for Dinners Ready! An In Depth feature focused around the tradition of tea time.

Act One

A double page spread showing the transparent titles that separate each Act within the magazine. There are three acts, the first is the introduction, the second is the main bulk, and the third is the one you would 'take away' e.g. recommendations and reviews.

Theory of Change

A feature within Act Two, focusing on Sara Chandler and her work in Chile.

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