In Other Words is a series of installations celebrating daily life behaviors in the community by using the form of written word. It will take place in the central square of a typical and modern community called Sky City in Hangzhou, Our main audience is the elderly speak different dialects. These installations are composed of a series of modular boxes with a Chinese word on the surface. which encourage residents to communicate and interact. Different combination of modules can meet the various function requirements of residents' daily life behaviors.

Square dancing zone

The outdoor set for square dancing includes environmental graphics showing homonyms of the word dancing

Hello Stranger !

Action research to test the level of communication in SkyCity

The Leisure zone for elderly

The SkyCity Community, Hangzhou, China

A French style Hangzhou community with a "Eiffel Tower" in the central square

SkyCity Residents

the residents of SkyCity only speak dialect and can not understand others, therefore they'v barely talk to each other for years.

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