​Painting and Performance - Two paintings, Live Performance proposal, and a Video artwork as an alternative to respond the requirements of potential physical restrictions. The extensive, fascinating volume of mythological archives, with their distinct, yet closely parallel cross-cultural features, the accounts of supernatural powers they suggest, mysterious origin, and connection with rite and folklore, are unprecedented code for deciphering the implicit stimulus and metamorphosis of the human being. Tracing a fundamental psychic experience in superstitious beliefs, legends, and philosophical doctrines, observing the similarities of such beliefs in different regions and folks, I collect corresponding symbols to unravel the ambivalent nature of human being in an attempt to create an allegory, in which the cunning, manipulative, dual qualities of the fox, with one of her transformations into a woman in Chinese mythology, resonates with its renowned archetypal characteristics. Trickster, shapeshifter, or a which, the fox is associated with the figure of a female, who, in the act of hair cutting voluntarily renounces her power – a power, blissful in the ability for conception, but also destructive in its passions and as a symbol of desire. The principle of the feminine is inscribed in this allegory, yet it is an allegory of the fundamental trial of Man. Within a complex relationship between legacy, collective memory, beliefs, fears, and obedience, lies the very fundament of the inner, private agony of the individual. ​


Painting, 150x100, Oil on canvas

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