‘Unbalanced forces’ is the story of two lovers and how they have been shaping their life since they got into a relationship, the slow process of falling in love, recounted with positive and negative shades of humanity, and how often, in love, a person becomes very important to one another; sometime fundamental. At times, this is not returned in the same way. The pictures show the everyday life of the couple but also reveal details of their personal life during the last two years of relationship. This story also recounts one of the most multicultural cities, London, and how two young foreign-born people survive day by day, one next to the other, discovering new traditions and cultures. In this project, the camera is a tool to describe the indescribable; Love. This connotes a profound, powerful, and intimate look at amorousness; at humanity and how they grow and survive with the help of each other.

Selfie time

Shahin and Federica taking a selfie during a birthday party

Shahin's house

Shahin outside his house

Tender moment

Federica and Shahin sharing a tender moment during a house party at his place

car ride

Federica and Shahin on the way to an iranian charity concert, while riding they were arguing about who was going to be there

pre girl party

Federica preparing for a night out with friends, in this kind of nights she has usually give vent to her doubts and concerns about the relationship.

Sunday afternoon

A typical Sunday in Shahin's house, after spending the Saturday night partying in the house, Shahin and his friend spend the Sunday together chilling

tender moment II

Shahin and Federica sharing a kiss while he grabs a bottle of vodka

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