A short poetic film about the North-East town I come from, Darlington. It's abandonment economically and politically has left individuals and the community to face misrepresentation through the British media, but they all remain to have hopes and dreams of leaving "The Butterfly Town." A region that is described as 'Lazy, substance abusing, linguistically deficient poor communicators, who do not value education with ineffective and inattentive parents' (Gorski, 2013) When storyboarding and writing this project, all of the above came to mind. However, 'This Town' is a positive reinforcement and a reminder to society outside of the North-East that your cultural identity will always define who you are, regardless of any negative portrayal we are all butterflies trying to outgrow and seek opportunity in a society full of disbelief, especially if you are "Northern working class." To never forget your roots, even if you outgrow them.

'This Town'

A short film about the North-Eastern town I grew up in, Darlington. Featuring Jennifer Taylor, The Watson Kids and Martin Maggiore, all influential people in the community that are fighting against the misrepresentation of this beautiful town in the contemporary British media.

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