“She was given only a few months to live, in which she lived the disease peacefully and with serenity”, recounts Christina looking at the flowers on the kitchen table: “my mum used to love flowers, we always had flowers around the house and we keep buying fresh ones in memory of her”. Christina is a young Account Director who lives and works in London, the city where she was born and lives. Her family has Greek roots, as she explains with a perfect British accent. Her grandfather moved to London when he was young and fell in love with a British woman. Years later, fate let their daughter Maria find the love of her life in Lucas, a Greek man who had moved to the capital on his own. Christina speaks about the life of her family as she walks through the house, lingering on what she most cares about, objects that bring up memories of her mother Maria. Maria’s ordinary life took a dramatic change in 2017 when her mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer. She was an important figure in the family and her presence is still strong in the house, where pictures of Maria and personal objects mix with everyday things.

Kitchen board

Living room

Christina in her parents' living room

Newspaper Article

When her mother passed away, the local newspaper wrote an article about her, Christina has it saved on the phone

A living memory of her

The calendar

The garden

Frames shelf

shelf in the living room on which a lot of memories are framed

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