Living under the shadow of the war for ages, children who went through the Vietnam War has grown up into adults, but with great mental harm brought by the childhood trauma. The problems left by the war – poverty, underdevelopment, vegetation destruction and congenital malformation of the baby are hard to be erased in a long time. I feel responsible to let more people know better about the toxicity of Agent Orange and this period of history through my design. It initiated me to think about the real meaning of design in the era of peace.The design included the core elements like a bucket containing the Agent Orange, congenital malformed limbs, withered-branches and the barren lands, which were also the source of my design inspiration.During the early stage investigation, I compared the congenital malformation to the tiny body defects, like birthmark, of the people living in the era of peace to motivate more interesting details in the design. I nished my preliminary design by innovatively chancing the hair on the birthmark to lobster palpus for the purpose of applying unconventional materials in to the design. The reason of putting the ugly congenital defects into the aesthetic-emphasized men’s wear is to produce a sense of con ict. The orange color of the poison, Agent Orange, is the clue leading and appearing throughout my entire design.

agent orange


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