Collaboration with: BA (hons) Fashion Jewellery - Yifan Gao BA (hons) Cordwainers Footwear: Product and Innovation - Yunfei Ma BA (hons) Fashion Design and Development - Anna Deller-yee My concept for this project is called Metamorphosis. Transformation and changes. Inspired by Nobuyoshi Araki photographic portraits and Charles Freger book of Yokai, Yokainoshima: Island of monster.

Stand work - Coat

Development of design work on coat.

Sketchbook Pages 1

Design and development

Sketchbook pages 2

Design development

Shibari Tie

Testing of tying

Sketchbook Pages 3

Design Development

Sketchbook Pages

Consumer and Muse


First toile with no sleeve. Testing out hoods.

Pattern cutting

Pattern cutting photo of my work in progress.

Second Toile of jacket with hood

Second toile with sleeve fitted in.

Second Toile of hooded jacket.

On a stand with hood folded down.

Pattern cutting

Process of attaching the side placket together.

Drape and standwork - Coat

coat development.

Nobuyoshi Araki Quote

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