The project under a collaboration with designers from cordwainer, print and embroidery. The designers introduced that the initial inspiration was from Koniaków lace. The village sits in southern Poland and their famous laces are all hand made by the local artisans without a making pattern. The designers embodied their concern on craftsmanship by applying techniques such as tie-dye and hand embroidery. Every tie-dye pattern is unique due to its irreplicable feature, as well as the hand beading areas such as 3D beading are still impossible to be finished by machines. The 70s' elements also revealed in the design of the square head and beautifully curved acrylic heels, together it builds a clear image of a powerful and confident woman in the modern world.



Illustration and Ficitional Press Release

Inspiration - 70S Outerwear

Inspiration - Lace

We started with exploring lace in a contemporary way such as combining tie-dye with laser-cut and creating patterns with CAD.

Exploring Techniques

Idea Development

Our idea kept growing through experiments. We appreciated each other's ideas. Instead of listening and follow, we created the outcome together.

Idea Development

At this stage, we came up with the idea of curves and faux animal skin effect made by textiles only.

Idea Experiments

We kept the idea of tie-dye and I was exploring embroidery as a highlight.

Refining Ideas

Me Imagining How the Embroidery Will Look On Gosia's Designs

All strokes represents different embroidery techniques. I was trying to imagine how the shoes will look like with all silhouette, print and embroidery elements together.

Test On Details Before Final Production

We're adjusting colours, material weight and techniques to create the best outcome.

Knee Boots

The patterns are extracted from the previous tie-dye sample, then edited and digitally printed by our collaborator, Souzana Ousta. At the begining, we planned to add beading to highlight, although the decision has been changed in the last minute.


Illustration based on Gosia's silhouette sketch and placing finished straps on mock-up sample.


Documenting the making progress.


Marketing Pacakge Created by Gosia

Details of the Embroidered Straps

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