Here is the collection of 𝘚𝘦𝘦𝘪𝘯𝘨 360°. Looking 360° represents the different angles from distorted news in this day and age. The magnifying glass of the EyE Earring Cuff expresses some news as being exaggerated, zooming in and out on the audience’s eyes. The etching on the Z Brooch reflects the idea of viewing from different perspectives through two pictures in one piece. Confusing Eyepiece, 180° Headpiece and 360° Ring playing with graduation to emphasis angles are being twisted.

Seeing 360°

360° Ring

360° Ring Rendering

Here is the 360° Ring viewing in 360°. Mirror polishing silver ring.

Confusing Eyepiece

Z Brooch

Z Brooch Rendering

Here is the Z Brooch rendering view in 360°. Different angles to see different pictures: the eye and 360°. It is to interpret as using our eyes to see crystal clean things from all angles to avoid fake news. Silver plated brass for the brooch and etching for the pictures.

EyE Earring Cuff

180° Headpiece

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