Through my final major project I explored the Indian culture, its unique traditions and ways of living. My project is about showing ethnic ideas in modern contemporary style. I also want to make people aware about the unique traditions and ways of living. Each of the intricate components in the smaller canvases creates a bigger picture. In these intricacies the use of colour keeps shifting the eye around the paintings.The approach I took was to make flattened collages and jigsaw puzzles, the nature of being able to construct and rearrange offers multiple possibilities in ways of viewing the piece. Working with instinct and in the flow of the moment, and seeing potential of the seemingly ‘ordinary subjects’ gives opportunity to explore and experiment.

Starting Point

This was my starting point. I made this illustration depicting flea markets and bazaars in India. It shows how clustered and crowded these areas are.

Crowded places

This is another rough collage painting showing vibrant colours and crowds of people that are characteristics features of India

Two Worlds

Then my idea shifted to showing the difference between two worlds- British India and present day India. I made this depicting life and population of India then and now.

Final Outcome

After trying out a few collages I went back to the concept of markets as I felt it was more successful. I developed this further by making a flattened collage using canvas. I cut out parts of small canvases and arranged them together like a jigsaw puzzle. I painted the typical small, cramped yet colourful shops selling different items. For this I used acrylic paints.

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