For Breath It! The target customers, I think these customers can face the public of all ages. First of all, we can use this method to call everyone to protect the environment, rather than one day in the future, we can only rely on stored air to survive. Second, it can be sold as souvenirs in tourist areas. It can also be customized to make it proprietary memory. Selling air sounds incredible. In fact, many artists have preserved the air for a certain period of time and can be regarded as objects of commemoration. When the new coronavirus occurred, I collected air. At this time, this tank of air may suit me, and there is more than one tank of air. It is more like a memory that can prove and remind me of the time I have experienced. This kind of air is also very suitable as a souvenir for tourist attractions. When someone is on a business trip, I always want to leave double beautiful memories and some novel souvenirs. At this time, our products are very meaningful. The purpose of the seed bankers is to maintain the diversity of the earth’s creatures and prove that these creatures once existed on the earth. I think air cans can have the same meaning. At some point in the future, air may disappear on the earth, so the air currently stored maybe a souvenir or proof of the taste of the air.

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