In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate emergency, Alice Fyles sought purpose in Voltaire's words "the best thing to do in a world full of hardship is to cultivate our own garden" as well as John Seymour's teachings on self-sustainability. Subsequently, Alice proclaimed the existence of the Land of Fylesia. The land encompasses various territories of East Finchley , including Alice’s apartment, and is governed by the notion of self-sufficiency. In Fylesia, Alice grows her own food and to further facilitate this process she makes plant pots out of local materials, whether that be vessels made from household waste or paper mache. In a post-lockdown scenario, and as Alice is a ceramicist at heart, she seeks to expand the land, purchase a kiln as well as a potter's wheel, and transform her make-do vessels into ceramic plant pots made from resources local to the land.

Constitution of the Land of Fylesia

Growing seedlings

Paper mache plant pots

Collecting local newspaper

The dream of the land

The dream of the land

Making process

Sourcing, processing and making plant pots out of local ceramic materials

Ceramics and local materials

Ceramic plant pots

The Land of Fylesia

Promotion video for kickstarter campaign

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