My final project is the dystopian play ‘Fahrenheit 451’. Set in the future, the play depicts a world in which all the knowledge humans gather is from the digital world. The firemen are the ones that start the fires and their role in society is rather military-focused. In order to maintain control on the civilians the government has forbidden the reading or possession of books. The idea for the set is based on the concept of balancing two worlds and the constant chase with time in which we are living in. Supporting the understanding that we can’t stop the development of the digital world, we should find a way to balance and adjust, without destroying our most human qualities. It is designed to be set in the British Museum Reading room.

Model Rotation

Eclectically charged moving model example.

Blender Animation

Digital model movement example.


Props resurch

Inspiration Illustrations

Research inspiration drawings


1:25 model of the set.

Model vs drawing

Picture of the model mixed with initial drawing of the idea.


Illustrations research.


Illustrations of set ideas, and research.


1:100 Model of the space.


Digital model of the Fire-station.


Digital model of the set within the space.


Digital model of the set next to the 1:25 physical model of the set.


Costume designs

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