"By using the different tales and mythologies of my welsh heritage as a starting point, my work focuses on transforming the Welsh mother Goddess of fertility ‘Modron’ into a 21st century woman. To start off most of my projects, I collect items relating to my research and produce scans of my face alongside these objects. This process provides me with images that help me understand the tone and mood of the project. In this case, I collected tarot cards, crystals, herbs, dried flowers and feathers. Anything that reminded me of the subject I was looking into. A lot of my knitted structures are inspired by the Welsh ‘Love spoon’. The twisting of stitches and cabling is heavily influenced by the twirl of the wood you see on these spoons. I also take inspiration from period antique furniture when knitting my fabrics. Tassels and beading appear in a lot of my designs to create this regal, luxurious effect. I wanted to portray these pieces as if they were found in a museum. ‘Garden of Modron’ overall explores the occult, antiquity and femininity."

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