The ‘Mystery of the ‘Chrysanthemum Cargo’ contains hidden histories from the 1700s to the present day. The Water Fountain Collection involves a Royal commission ship-wreck in the Thames – discovered 200 years later. Jan’s hand designed, crafted Ceramic Furniture pays tribute to English delftware (1700s). Deep cobalt blue décor (originally mined in Cornwall) on the translucent white tin glaze embodies Flemish, Italian, Spanish, North African, Middle Eastern and Chinese influences.She explores international influences and collaboration in Ceramics – too often hidden or missing in mainstream Ceramics literature and education. Ceramics is a truly international craft. Jan’s Ceramic Stools reflect stories and designs – past, present and cross border.

Water Fountain Collection - Fine Furniture

Ceramic Stool Tin Glazed Cobalt Blue

Chrysanthemum Cargo - Surface designs

English delftware styled fauna, 1700s Barges and Ships on the Thames

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