Adopting industrial design methodology, knitted textiles were reconfigured through 3D model building to make postmodern women’s utilitarian clothing. This project aims to find a common language between fashion and electronics industry, to explore the merging features of knitting to become : A medium of wearables (smart textiles - conductivity); A structure that can be duplicated in different dimension.

[Knit, as a unit] Process video A

Recording the conversion process from 2D knitting to 3D unit, stitches and patterns.

Just like making tension swatch for garment production, I started testing on mesh with different “Unit volume” (Chunkiness) and “Gaps”(Tension).

[Knit, as a unit] Process video B

Recording the printing process 3D stitches and knitting patterns.

3D printed motif:

(top to bottom)

1. Triangular point

2. Cable

3. Fringe

"Unit to Surface"

The purpose of this experiment is to compose a 3D surface from unit concept, through textiles logic. It helps to visualise and translate stitch to another dimension.

Inspired by wearable research, this page focuses on exploring a subtle application of smart textiles that compares to the 3D printed sample, it should be more essential, for everyday wear.

Down jacket is an item that ticks all boxes. Conductive yarns stitching on the surface is indispensable and can be decorative.

“Motif” stands for a recurring subject in a narrative context, whereas, knit follows the same mathematics. By manipulating yarns through repetitive loops, it creates a counter-force between them that made knit stretchy, yet, stable. 

After reconfigure knit from the unit - stitch, it naturally generates a knitting toolkit for non-knitters. This has inspired me to engage more people in this project, to test the possibility and effectiveness of the knitted unit.

[Knit, as a unit] knitting toolkit mini collab with art framing

[Knit as a unit] Knitting Toolkit

Recording the design process of mini collaboration with non-knitters.

[Knit, as a unit] knitting toolkit mini collab with medical equipment buyer

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