ELENAMAERZ AW21 COLLECTION RESIST Fall/Winter 2021 Menswear Graduate Collection [LONDON, July 14, 2020]— The collection is inspired by 1960s American formal men’s dress and political protest art shown in the Civil Rights Movement and Bush-era anti-war protests. RESIST honours those who stand up for themselves and others, oppose racist systems and push for the change we need in the world. The company’s ethos is to change the society through colour, chaos, control, RESIST. Designed for those who are brave and want to stand out, the collection combines classic tailored shapes with experimental, political prints and extreme pattern cutting. Prints are inspired by relevant protest signs and political graffiti art. The extreme pattern cutting represents the obstacles on the way building a better world and society. The palette of pastel beiges contrasted with bright red and black leathers hints at the impact one single brave individual can make. The collection is made to portray the anger, range and fire within those who protest and fight for change. Political activism is what inspired this collection, and what became the purpose of the brand. Since the Civil rights movement in the 1960s which inspired the collection, racial inequalities, police violence and the right to protest are as relevant as ever. The world is in pain and in desperate need of change. Fashion provides a large platform that can be used to promote political activism and change alongside artistic talent.


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