New body of work, exploring the parameters of a Lockdown. The screen is now more than ever, the intermediary between the artist and the viewer. You can’t simulate the experience of sculpture in 2D so to make it work, I’ve adopted the language of graphic design and poster. The completion of the 3D sculptures is just the beginning of the 2D digital projections. Physical material is my primary concern, however, scale, form and texture are now conveyed through graphic choices. By digitising the constituent details of my sculptures, it extends the range of possible interaction with the work, inviting and enabling audience collaboration through my website. This is my first body of digital artworks.

The Order of Isolation

A keyword of this time, 2020

The Beginning

Poignant reminder to re-assemble, re-form, re-union, re-start, re-imagine

99 #1

99 is the new explosion

99 #2

99 is the transitory state

99 #3

99 is the man-made extension

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